“One’s destination is never a place,
but always a new way of seeing things." — Henry Miller

Learn How to Book Kira Hooks.

Plot Setup Examples

Here are a couple recommended setups for setting up the stage.

Input List

Bass drum: Shure Beta52 – short boom stand
Snare drum: Shure sm57 – short boom stand
Snare bottom: Shure sm57 – short boom stand
Rack Tom: Sennheiser E604 – clip mic
Floor Tom: Sennheiser E604 – clip mic
High Hat: AKG C451
Overhead left: AKG C451
Overhead right: AKG C451

Guitar and Bass:
Every Guitar Amp: Shure sm57 – short boom stand

Bass Amp: Shure sm57 – short boom stand

All VOX:
Vocals: Shure sm58 – boom stand

All Horns:
Shure Beta 98H/C – wireless – clip mic

Output list:

Keys and Vox: wedges
Drums left and right: wired in ears
Guitar left and right: wired in ears
Bass left and right: wired in ears
Horns: wireless in ears
Main left, main right


1 Drum set (provided by band. Specifics for drum set will come soon)
Drum hardware:
4 Cymbal stands
One snare drum stand
1 Yamaha pro series hi-hat stand
One drum seat
1 Yamaha pro series bass drum pedal
*Please provide carpet underneath drum set

One keyboard (provided by band unless there’s a grand piano)
1 Keyboard Stand (x model, provided by band)
Power supply 230V/50hz

Guitars and amps (provided by band)
2 Guitar stand
Power supply 230V/50hz

Bass and amp (provided by band)
Bass stand
Power supply 230V/50hz


Provided by the band:
4 Shure ULX4 Receivers
4 Shure ULX1 body packs
4 Shure Beta 98 H/C mics

*Wireless system must be on stage


Here are some commonly asked questions I am asked about my music, from BGVs, custom songwriting, and more. 

How much do you charge for a performance?

Please contact me personally 🙂 Payment varies according to travel, accommodation, added band members, etc.

Can you write a custom song for me or someone else?

Yes! The song will still be copyrighted under my name, but it’s all yours and will be made as personal as needed. I will talk to you about the concept, instrumentation, feel, etc. I charge two hundred dollars per custom song and require a deposit of fifty dollars for time put into it. I will do my very best to get the song done, recorded professionally. If you want added instrumentation, the price will increase.

Can you take photos of me?

Yes, I charge $50 a session for people local to Nashville. For anyone that lives beyond 30 miles of Nashville, travel will need to be accommodated.

Do you give lessons/mentoring for voice/music?

Yes! 🙂 Please contact me personally.

Thanks for visiting!

I appreciate you stopping by! If you have questions, are interested in booking me for an event, or anything else that comes to mind, don’t hesitate to send me a note! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Kira Hooks
Nashville, TN, USA 
[email protected]

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