“I am neither of the East nor of the West,
no boundaries exist within my breast." — Rumi

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Heart Between the Lines

Released December 27, 2016

About this Album:
Heart Between The Lines is a raw acoustic album that shows a more vulnerable side of me that I wanted to share. I wanted to leave this one minimalist and showcase what I do without more than one other musician playing with me.

Kira Hooks: Vocals, Lyrics, BGVS, Guitar
Steve Savage: Guitar, BGVS, Producer, Engineer
Paul Buono: Engineer

The Lyric Apothecary

Released June 15, 2016

About this Album:
The Lyric Apothecary was more focused on a blend of Classic RnB/Singer-Songwriter/Neo-Soul. This is the first record I tracked in Nashville.

Kira Hooks: Vocals, Lyrics, BGVS, Guitar


Produced and Engineered by Brian Irwin
‘If You Got A Dream (Alt.)’ produced and engineered by Dru Chen
Mastered by Greg Reely
Album Artwork: Ben Griffith
Recorded at Monster Studios in Nashville, TN

Elephant Heart

Released April 27, 2014

About this Album:
Elephant Heart was my debut album featuring some of the finest musicians and friends I knew in LA. The rhythmic/melodic diversity in this album really encompasses my love and curiosity for what I do. I worked with the best so that I could always have this album as an example for what it meant to have a great album experience. It was definitely an ‘exploration stage’ album… I’m still (and always will be there)… I guess it’s more of a ‘masterclass’ stage.
Kira Hooks (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, kazoo, background vocals)
Bruno Justi (guitar, arrangements)
Diego Ruvalcaba (drums and percussion)
Isaac Watts (drums, percussion, and bass)
Rick Garcia (co-writer on Elephant Heart)
Dennis Hamm (organ)
John Avila (bass, background vocals, producer, engineer, horn arrangements, general arrangements)
Jake Wilson (sax, flute, clarinet)
Jeff Waldon (sax)
Chase Bland (trombone)
Elliot Deutsch (trumpet)
Mariela Arredondo (background vocals and co-writer on Latin Lover)
Dawn Red-Sun (background vocals)
Michael Kohl (background vocals)
Doug Lacy (accordion, steel drums)
David Contreras (drums, arrangements)
Chris Tan (bass)
Fabio Poian (drums)
Sandro Feliciano (drums)
Alejandro Millan (featured singer and co-writer on Stepping Stone, keys)
Caylen Crawford (guitar)
Vinicio Toledo (electronic effects, arrangements)
Elizabeth Frascoia (horn arrangements)
Alfredo ‘Fredo’ Ortiz (percussion)
William V. (Billy) Malpede (string arrangement)
Paul Cartwright (Violin)
John Avila, Kira Hooks, Chris Tan, Vinicio Toledo, Bruno Justi, Paul Zewell, David Contreras, Alejandro Millan (general arrangement credits)
Produced and Engineered by John Avila
Mastered by Reuben Cohen (Lurssen Mastering)
Album Artwork: Micah Thomas
Title On Album Artwork: Bruno Justi
Recorded at Brando’s Paradise in San Gabriel, CA
Copyright 2014

Underground Sky

Released February 23, 2013

About this Album:
Underground Sky was my very first EP. It was a special moment for me with a lot of lessons learned that would be applied in the next record. I recorded this towards the end of my time at the LA College of Music. My songwriting teacher at the time (who would be the producer for Underground Sky) was a huge inspiration to get my first record rolling.
Kira Hooks – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Kazoo, BGVs
Kurtis Keber – Bassist
Adam Gust – Drums & Percussion
Marcus Milius – Harmonica
Kira Hooks – Voice and Piano
Nikhil Korula – Producer
Kris Hawkins – Engineer
Joe Bozzi (Bernie Grundman Mastering) – Mastering Engineer
Copyright 2013

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