Welcome to the Wild and Wonderful World of Kira Hooks.

Let's begin with a story.

I’m here, but where am I?

A simple question, yet beneath it is a rabbit hole. Kira Hooks encourages us to find true connection in our community through the grounding of vulnerability.

Born in Houston, TX and raised overseas in the Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland, and China, Kira Hooks uncovered layers of culture and the intrinsic differences that can separate us.

Have music, will travel.

Familiarity with frequent change would allow Kira Hooks to explore the emotional common grounds of the world and kindle a growing fascination with what has transcended our differences: music.

Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Antonio Carlos Jobim, India.Arie, and Lianne La Haves have inspired the romantic and bittersweet themes in her songs, as well as her artistic soundscape – exploring an array of genres from Soul to Jazz to Latin to Pop.

We’re in this together.

Kira reminds us to find joy in our complexities and to tune into our own emotions communally. She invites us to celebrate, cry, and laugh as a whole – as we are not alone in our shadows.

“Are You The Girl?” is another question Kira Hooks asks herself in her upcoming 2018 record. Another opportunity to connect and to change for the better. All are welcomed.

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